COST: £40.  1 hour

COST: £40. 1 hour

Dream Interpretation is a method of analysing deeper meanings that are communicated to us when our conscious self is in a state of relaxation. The easiest way to think about it is: The sun is our conscious self in activity, and the moon is our subconscious self reflecting on our activity. This is the moons task: to reflect.

Dream Interpretation is as old as we are. It has worked its way down through the ages and has been held, by most cultures, as being something of great significance - with good reason.  Thanks to modern day pressures, our sleeping time is about the only chance we get to rest our minds, and enter into the quiet of the subconscious.  Its important to understand these deeper aspects of the 'self' and re-learn how to explore our wisdom laying dormant within. 

Dreams generally occur during our sleep state, but they can occur during our waking state too.  Because of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious, dream analysis is invariably part of our psychology process.  For example, it is part and parcel of my counselling work (Emotional Awareness Therapy), and gives the person being counselled, all sorts of valuable insight into their current process they might otherwise miss during the conscious hours.  Not that you need to be in counselling to explore your dreams, you can explore them at any time you wish to.  Some people consult me because they need a profound dream and/or repetitive dream interpreted.  They also might be experiencing many dreams which seem linked, but they can't quite connect the dots and therefore miss the underlying message.  Some people also experience the phenomenon of prophecy, which is closely related to past life regression in so much as we are unveiling the channels of time.  In my experience, a prophesier of events is also apt at regression. The same curtain divides the two, and some people are able to draw back this curtain to reveal what lurks on the other side; as one peaks through to look forward, the other peaks through to look back.  This is where feelings of 'deja vu' come from.  (For more information on regression please refer to that page.)

Learning the art of dream analysis and how to go about interpreting your own dreams is a really useful and valuable tool to have.  Giving you the ability to understand not only the 'self' better,  but to give you some insight on how you relate to the world around you as well.  Obviously I am unable to impart all of this knowledge during one session, but having a dream interpreted will hopefully give you some insight on how the dots are connected, which is always my aim within each discipline - to teach you, not just tell you.  So with that in mind, a good place to start is by writing your dreams down, and as soon as you wake up. You will find there is a lot more information being imparted to you during this time than you've perhaps given credit for in the past.  The process of writing facilitates our learning as part of the natural course of communication and understanding, so write it down and just see what comes to you.

There are many key images shown to us in our dreams; places, faces, animals, symbols, elements, colours, numbers etc. We can’t list or interpret each meaning here, that would be impossible, and as dreams are individual, they will never apply universally as a standard.  What is useful for you to know are the various platforms of dream communications, and these are as follows. 

As far as I am aware, there are 3 key platforms for dream communication:   

The first communication is during our sleep.  When our unconscious self or higher self, focuses our attention towards areas of our lives that need addressing.  Areas we are either ignoring, or too busy to pay attention to during our waking hours. These could be very specific and show us recognisable details - albeit with the varying plays on the picture. Or they could be analogies which tend to be more vague and obscure, requiring you to work that bit harder to correctly decipher the underlying meaning.

The second communication is also during our sleep, but these messages come to us from outside of ourselves – from the universe or 'source'. These can overlap or evolve into spiritual journeys as well as receiving messages for interpretation. This communication can range from scripts and symbolism, right through to Prophesies.  Prophecies are generally shown to Seers and/or Psychics.  Not all Seers are Psychic, and not all Psychics are Seers – although some overlap and do both. Prophecies are not the same as Clairvoyance, and not something you can voluntarily tune into, at least not in my experience. They are very vivid, extremely accurate, and you will experience the psychical in the same exacting detail as you have been shown. 

The third communication is when we are awake.  This is called a ‘Waking Dream’.  This type of communication isn't terribly common these days, but it does still happen to some Psychics and/or Seers. Much like Prophecy, it is not a voluntary process and therefore extremely disorientating when you awaken.  Time has passed, but you have no recollection of it passing.  Depending on the visual you can be left feeling shaken, confused and also a bit queasy. Sometimes with a sense of urgency to communicate what you have seen. Checking in with yourself when you awaken is absolutely essential.  By this I mean: Asking yourself your name, your age, and your location. As I say, it is very disorientating.  There is absolutely no mistaking a Waking Dream.


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