Cost: £35.  1 hour. Maximum of 2 hours per session

Cost: £35. 1 hour. Maximum of 2 hours per session

Emotional Awareness Therapy is about understanding your emotions, and how the emotional body communicates and translates information to and from the emotional mind.  The principle is based on both the energetic process and biological process of emotions, and how they manifest, fragment and stagnate, effecting us physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I hold a recognised qualification in Counselling (CPCAB), and use some of the same traditional methods associated with counselling. However, because of the other disciplines I work with, the focus on self analysis in relation to atomic learning is key in this process. Understanding the principle of the whole, how everything is intrinsically linked and what happens when the internal communication process goes through 'Fragmentation'. Subsequently, the majority of people who seek my help in this area are already spiritually aware, and have gone through a fair amount of counselling/psychotherapy techniques already, and are now ready to merge the spiritual and psychology understanding together. This is key, and not a light undertaking either. (Please note: if you practice NLP this process will not be suited to you).

We once incorporated emotional awareness into our lives as a standard rather than need. But we have now gotten into the unfortunate habit of developing the mind (ego) over the heart (self-worth), and negated to understand our nervous systems communication network in relation to this. Science is beginning to recognise the complex network of nerves contained within our organs, particularly the gut, but we have a long way to go before we advance to our previous knowledge in ancient Psychologies.

Many tend to shy away from heart work, simply because it’s harder to do. A mental concept such as CBT is far easier and less taxing on us, but the rewards limited. Unless you learn to apply the concept of heart work to your being and your experiences, it will remain a concept; lacking any meaning that creates the-all-important authentic understanding. Your heart is a primary emotional tool, refusal to learn how to use it properly will limit your awareness, intelligence and growth. If you want to understand yourself and the world around you, then you need to learn both the language of the heart and the mind, and apply a balance accordingly. This is not a 'quick fix'.  We spend many years tying ourselves up in knots, so the untying of them will be a natural relative to this. Working your way back to a fuller connection to the 'Self' requires effort, commitment and the will to do so. 

Both our brain and our body are storehouses for data, they each contain memories in different ways. Like buds sprouting, these cells release and process at intervals. When it comes to complex memories such as trauma, it is the subconscious and the emotional body that hold the keys. When the head and heart are functioning properly, the cells will release the information to the conscious brain for it to process, when it decides the time is right - not before. Which is why people who go probing and poking around into peoples psyches using hypnotherapy techniques - without the correct psychological understanding of these complex issues - will do far more harm than good. You and your body hold the information about your experiences, and your own intelligence in processing matter will decide when it’s released - no one else.

Due to the intensity and nature of this learning, a level of emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness will need to be present before undertaking this process. If I feel that you are not ready, or at least not at this time, I will sign post you towards the official recognised body of Psychotherapists registered @ BACP.

Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.