COST: £70  DOB /  £90  DOB + NAME

COST: £70 DOB / £90 DOB + NAME

Numerology is an ancient method of using our personal numbers to interpret our characters, personality traits, our choices and ultimately, unlock our Souls Purpose. The core objective being to identify and clarify what lessons you have agreed to learn in this life, and relate them to your life's experiences. There are many theories on when and where Numerology was established, although the actual origin has still not yet been pin pointed. What we do know is that there is evidence of it being used during ancient Egypt and Babylonia times. 

For me, numbers are simply magical. They move, twist, turn, hide and reveal themselves in much the same way as we do. They communicate with us constantly, yet we rarely understand their language outside the realms of time keeping and money. Some people already notice repetitions of numbers appearing in their lives, but are unaware of the meanings behind them. These numbers are trying to convey messages to you, and when you understand what these numbers mean to you, this information can be used to balance out your own harmonies.

There are many differing theories on how Numerology is achieved as a method, particularly when it comes to Master /Mirroring numbers.  When we look at these, it is important to focus our attention towards the reduced single digit too. Master/Mirroring numbers are generally older souls, they will have reincarnated many times and learned many lessons and they will come with their own set of responsibilities and complications, just as any Spiritual ability does. The purpose of self growth through understanding is not to place oneself on a peddle stool, or attempt to 'save the world'. Rather, it is to accept that we do not know all there is know, and that our very intention behind our quest to search out the answers, is all that really matters. 

Depending on how much information you are looking for, I can either do a DOB chart, or a full DOB + NAME chart.  I have done 1-2-1's in the past, but as there tends to be a lot of information to impart, people find it much more beneficial to have the charts to review at home, at their own leisure.  The charts go into quite some depth, and you will likely refer to them again and again over time.  You are very welcome to ask questions on receipt of the Chart if you need extra clarification.

Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.