I  generally prefer not to ask people who come to see me for written testimonials. Any healing is a very personal, and quite often emotional experience. However, I do accept that people like to see at least a couple of recommendations on a website these days. So for this purpose only, I have obtained testimonials from a few clients for you to review. 


I first booked a reading with Katherine after a friend recommended her to me.  The accuracy and detail of my family members in spirit was just amazing. Not just family members either, also other people I have known. What she knew about my life and how I was feeling about things really impressed me.  I have been back since and will definitely be going back again. I am more than happy to recommended her to others.  Excellent reader!

Maria, Somerset

The information Katherine has given me is absolutely amazing, accurate and precise.  I find her very warm, sympathetic and easy to talk to.  She voices things that I need to hear in a direct but reassuring way.  I don't come away feeling confused and wondering ‘what does that mean’ as I have with other physics I have seen. I believe I am given the information for a reason, and consequently have changed a few things in my life.   I have recommended her to my family and friends.

Sharon, France

Katherine has given me readings both in person and over the phone and I have received messages from my mother.  The messages are very clear and concise, delivered in a no-nonsense, straight talking way, exactly how my mother spoke.  It is always a comfort to receive the messages precisely when I need them the most.  Thank you Katherine.

Paula, Dorset

I was very impressed with the message Katharine relayed to me .  At first only some of the points in the message seemed to be relevant but as the weeks passed many other points that were in the message fell into place. Thank you, regards Pat

Pat, London

The readings I've had from Katharine have been very accurate and detailed, and have consequently helped me to deal with the loss of my father. I know they were accurate because only he and I could have known the information that she passed onto me. It has been the same with several other matters of great importance to my emotional and professional life. The information she has passed onto me, has helped me to make the right choices, and feel comfortable with the decisions I have made. I can say experiencing the readings has been enlightening and calming due to Katharine's caring nature.