Cost: £40.  1 hour healing + 15 -30 mins consultation and/or talk time before we start.

Cost: £40. 1 hour healing + 15 -30 mins consultation and/or talk time before we start.

Reiki means 'Universal' or 'God life force energy'. Rei  is wisdom or divine, and Ki  is the energy that flows through and around all living things.  There are various forms of Reiki practised today. My own lineage is the 'Usui System of Natural Healing'. 

It is important to bear in mind that Reiki treatment is a complimentary healing technique, and does not in any way replace traditional medicine. Always consult your GP for any  health concerns that you have.

Common questions people have are; what happens during a Reiki treatment? and what does it do exactly?  

As the picture to the right illustrates, the practice of Reiki usually involves the client lying down, whilst the Reiki healer works his/her way over the entire body, using the hands to 'channel' the Reiki Energy through to the client.  You can sit if you prefer, but it is far more relaxing if you lie down for this treatment.

Reiki as a form of healing is very gentle, very relaxing, and completely non invasive.  Many people find themselves drifting off to sleep during the treatment.

During the healing treatment, I will pick up on any area's that are suffering from blockages, or in need of more attention. These blockages can be emotional and/or physical manifestations which have resulted from any stressful situations during your life time. Depending on how long the blockages have been there, the process of clearing them can take several treatments.   A classic example of a physical manifestation resulting from an emotional blockage is a heart attack.  The medical profession accepts that pent up stress can cause this to occur, so its not too unreasonable to assume that other parts of your body can be affected by stress as well, albeit in slightly less obvious ways.

The effects of Reiki can sometimes be immediate, or can emerge a while after the treatment.  Everyone's reactions to Reiki are very personal, and therefore completely different.  There is no set pattern or process to your reaction and you will find that each treatment is quite different.  Your body will decide the reaction without you even having to think about it. So just lie back, relax, and allow your entire being to drift off peacefully into a world of it's own.

Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.