From as early on as I can recall - I saw, heard and sensed things around me that others didn't seem to be aware of.  I also knew things about people, their lives, their emotions and interactions with others, good and bad.  

My very first memory is of pulling myself up to stand, well - wobble - in my cot.  I was holding onto the bars feeling agitated and a very clear thought formed; 'where is everyone?'.  Shortly after which time someone appeared.  I also had an awareness of space and objects around me too, I knew where the cot was, where the door was, and where the window was.  Another early memory is of heads and beings coming into the room, accept they didn't come through the door, they floated through the air, zooming in and out.  Its not easy to explain, but these were my very first memories.  After that came the usual succession of clairvoyant 'invisible friends'.  One in particular who stayed long enough for me to insist that she had her own place laid at the dinner table.

Although I was always very aware of these happenings and none of it felt anything other than normal to me, I did struggle trying to explain it to others. I can remember feeling utterly exasperated with this, and at some point, I gave up trying. I was largely dismissed as having an over active imagination, being a bit odd, and the worst of all - being a 'know it all'. By the time I hit my early teens things seemed to have calmed down, or were possibly over taken by other changes around that time and, well - life just went on. 

The exceptions to this were the knowings, visions and the vivid dreams.  Dreams and visions of things and situations that would then happen. None of this ever calmed down and I was unable to ignore it.  Although by this time, I knew not to mention these experiences to anyone else. Not having been around anyone Spiritual or Psychic meant that I had no understanding of what any of this was.  During my 16 years in the corporate world I worked in environments such as; engineering, manufacturing and construction. No where you would mention any of this without expecting to get a load of grief in return.

Anyway, by the time I reached my mid 30's I had managed to do quite well for myself in terms of a career and monetary gain, but this gave me more a sense of outward success rather than inner contentment or happiness, and as time went by, I started to feel and view things around me very differently. It was during this time that major changes occurred, affecting every area of my life.  All of which brought me to the point of where I find myself now. 

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