COST: £40.  1 hour

COST: £40. 1 hour

Symbolism is a huge subject that covers a mass of disciplines and Philosophies.   It is the basic corner stone of some of areas I work with such as; Psychology, Dream Interpretation, Numerology and Sacred Geometry etc.  

I actively lived with symbolism at quite a young age, but I didn't have any idea what it was back then.  Recalling my early school years, when I had no connection to the curriculum at all, I can remember staring at the feet and shoes of those children who did seem to have a connection to it, and I used to think to myself 'if only my feet were in their shoes, things would be so much easier for me'.  It wasn't until years later that I recognised that this was a 'Psychological Symbolism' manifesting itself in me.  How much clearer could it be?  At that time, “I literally wanted to walk in other peoples shoes.”

I began to recognise the deeper aspects of Symbolism during my 30's.  I started drawing symbols and shapes that turned out to be Hieroglyphs.  I didn't know they were Hieroglyphs until I showed them (about 2 years later) to someone who just so happened to have studied Egyptology.  And actually, it didn't matter to me that I didn't have a name for them, because I understood the meaning of them anyway.   

And that is the main point to understanding Symbolism; to recognise that each being will have their own individual relationship to a common matter, which is why no 'one size' fits all. It is purely subjective to individual perception, and we must be open minded to this.  Young or old, many souls will have reincarnated elsewhere previously, which means that we will have learned different concepts and meanings during those lives, many from the same result/matter, and brought them through with us in this life.  Think of languages for example; the basis behind all lines and curves used to make up the whole/matter hold together a common meaning; but they were designed and built for communicating within local communities appropriate to that geographical location and culture.  The basis of them is the same, we just follow different patterns. 

An Important thing to remember about Symbolism is to be open minded about it.  Insisting that things are set in stone limits our possibilities to learn something new - even if the lesson is that it's 'not for me' - we are still learning.  Not only that, we are closing down communications with other people in the process.   When we add too much meaning to something, we close our minds to other possibilities.

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