COST: £50. 1 hour

Past Life Regression is primarily focused on unearthing issues, particularly emotional issues, you have brought with you from your previous life/lives, into this one. These issues may manifest and block you in areas such as; confidence, ego, self worth, irrational fears, etc. - particularly where these current issues have absolutely no psychological basis or logical explanation connected to this life. The key identifying element of Past Life Regression is evident in the awakening of dormant memories, of actual events during previous lives. When we awaken these, we are doing so in order to release the emotional blockages manifesting within us. Whereas other aspects of Spiritual Journeying are generally more focused on entering your Spiritual realm to receive new information about your soles purpose in this life. 

A lot of people ask 'What's the difference between a past life reading and a past life regression?'  The difference is this: a past life reading you remain on the periphery of things.  Regression is stepping back into that time and place again.  You will be able to see, hear, feel, smell and know that life in acute detail.  Some people automatically access past life regression during counselling with me (Emotional Awareness Therapy).  This is a very natural way to do regression, and an accurate indication that you have cleared a good deal of issues from this life, and are now ready to clear issues from previous ones. The topics are often related so it comes up as a natural part of that clearing process.  Please note: If you request a regression as a one off appointment it will either be a 'yes or no' in advance of any appointment being made.  Trust that if the answer is no, this is for your own benefit.  Too many people nowadays try to tackle issues from past lives before they have even attempted to tackle issues from this life, which is the wrong way around.  

How does the regression happen?  Before you arrive, various symbols shapes numbers and other information are imparted to me. These outline the underlying connections, or blueprint if you like, of this particular life time.  I will not necessarily share this with you before hand because I do not wish to influence you.  The purpose of it is to make sure that the information provided to me corresponds with the regression. That way I know where you are going and can be of better assistance during the process.  I will put you into a relaxed state - not hypnotherapy - one where you have full awareness. I believe that uncovering any issues, be it this life time or another, is better done in a state of awareness, giving it the attention it deserves and allowing the person to learn the lessons held within the experiences.  Once you relax, the scenery will begin to change from where you are now, into the life being revisited.  The sensations, sights and sounds usually resonate on a deep 'knowing' level - a bit like deja vu. The connections then deepen through your emotional feelings as you go through the regression. Something will trigger either: an emotional response, a distant memory or a connection to a reoccurring dream, and the experience is often a very real one; hence the need to be ready for regression. 

Once the unresolved issue or block from this past life has been established, and you understand how it links to your life now, the blockage is released. Removing any blocks from past lives can be quite emotional and also draining, so I will carry out a 10 minute Reiki treatment on you afterwards, just to help clear your energy before you leave. 


Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.