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Reiki Courses / Attunements

Reiki Attunements are fairly straight forward in themselves, although they do generally have quite an impact on people during and afterwards.

Before I attune you to Reiki, it is important to establish that you are ready to be attuned.  Some people 'open up' or enter into a Spiritual stage called 'ascension' and this is an experience that you need to be ready for.  Some people react to attunements more so than others,  but it's not a process to be underestimated whoever you are or whenever you do it.  Situations where I will be unable to attune for example are;  If you going through fairly intensive and difficult processes such as depression, undue stress or trauma, will not be the right time to attune you. Attuning you to Reiki is the same as undertaking any other Spiritual Development process, too much too soon can be too higher price to pay - you need to be ready for it. In this case when attempting any attunements, either one of two things can happen:

1.      The attunement will not take;  in other words you are too blocked to accept the Reiki attunement at this time and your mind and body will reject it, and therefore have no real impact on you at all.

2.      Or the attunement will take, and it could exacerbate your symptoms of depression and stress significantly, possibly worsening your condition and adding anxiety in the process. 

Either way, you will not achieve the desired result for an affective and positive attunement and will have wasted your time, effort and money in doing this when you are not ready to do it.  So making sure that you are in the right state of mind and place in your life is very important.  A good Reiki Master will ascertain this as well and advise you to wait if they feel its necessary to do so.

Cost and Duration

Reiki 1

This course is all about attuning to the energy of Reiki and learning how to self heal, the lineage and Chakra points and basic hand positioning.  You can also practise Reiki on family, friends, pets, plants etc after obtaining Level 1.   Although I will emphasise here that Self healing is really the basis of level 1, which is fairly logical to any healing process. In that you cannot heal others unless you first learn how to heal yourself.  The more you use Reiki the quicker you will understand how it works.  This is run over one full day for 1-2-1's , or two full days in a group - up to a maximum of four people. The cost is £120 per person

Reiki 2

This course is practitioner level, so if you wish to work on other people and therefore charge them for the healing that you provide them with.  This is where we begin to incorporate Symbols are included here as well as teaching about ethical and safe practices.  This is run over one full day for 1-2-1's , or two full days in a group - up to a maximum of four people.  The cost is slightly higher £150 per person

Reiki 3 / Usui Master Level

This course is level 3 / Master Level which means committing to incorporating Reiki into your life daily.   There are additional Symbols to learn here and also how to teach and attune others to Reiki. Some teachers split this level up into Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, thereby having 4 courses for the Usui completion.  This is an individual preference and having learned both ways, I actually prefer not to split this up, as I feel that at this stage you will have learned how to use the energy properly, and practised regularly for a certain period of time, before proceeding onto this final level.  This again is run over one day on 1-2-1 , or two days in a group - up to a maximum of four people. The cost is £200 per person

Reiki Seichem

This Reiki is the Egyptian Lineage Reiki, and I will only teach this when you have your Level 3 / Master Usui.  The energy of this Reiki is nor more or less an effective healing technique, but it is quite a powerful one, and it is wise to have the gentler Usui Reiki before moving onto this one.  It comes with its own symbols and understanding of the energy it uses needs to be learned as the energy is slightly different.  This again is run over one day if 1-2-1 , or two days in a group - up to a maximum of four people. The cost is £200 per person


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