Spiritual Mediumship, Channelling and Psychic Intuitions:  A common question tends to be 'what's the difference between a these three?' The quick answer is that: Psychics perceive whereas Mediumship and Channelling receive,  some do all three.  The common denominator is that they are all 'reading energies'  in one form or another.  Let's look at them individually:

Mediumship COST: £40.  1 hour

Mediumship COST: £40. 1 hour

Spiritual Mediumship is to 'tune-in' to the spirit world to act as a direct intermediary/messenger between you and Spirit. These connections can be with souls you once knew before they passed, your own Spirit guides, and/or the Universal Energy that is the key source of all Spiritual communications.  It's very common for people to think of a medium as being someone who 'contacts the dead'. Whilst its true to say that mediums are able to tune into an energy of a soul you once knew, it is also important to understand that all souls live on, we reincarnate, for as long as we need and/or choose to. All depending on the maturity of the soul and what lessons it is here to master and/or teach to others. Maturer souls are able to reincarnate simultaneously across the globe. Suffice to say, its a lot more complex than just 'contacting the dead'.  The Spirit world will provide me with the information required so that you can identify with what I am saying. I.e. who these souls are and/or what they know about you and your life. If things are unclear or confused then please do not try to make it 'fit'. You will be wasting your time and money if you do that, please just ask if further clarification is needed.  I will have no idea before seeing you which particular soul or energy will come through for you, and sometimes the ones you wish to show up won't. Just trust that what is given to me during your reading, is exactly what's needed at the time. 

Channelling   COST: £40.  1 hour

Channelling COST: £40. 1 hour

Channelling is when a spirit will communicate information through us, either on a conscious/aware level or unconscious/unaware level. Some individuals prefer to be unconscious/unaware and will therefore have no recollection as to what they have said after the event.  I am always conscious/aware when I channel spirits communication and this is my choice, and as such, I often remember pretty much everything I have said afterwards, sometimes for months/years afterwards.  The main element I work with when I Channel is Philosophy, although Mediumship (individual messages) will be part of this if I am doing a reading, or Church Service. Philosophy events are predominantly focused on teaching, so don't expect too many individual messages in these situations.  Even in Church Services messages are the secondary aspect, and in these times, the Philosophy is becoming more a key focus, as it teaches us that we need to look beyond our own needs.  Learning about certain aspects of Psychologies, particularly ancient Psychologies in relation to understanding the 'self', and improving our connection to everything around us underpins most of my work.  So during readings or counselling, don't be surprised if experiences that you haven't understood properly and/or cleared come up during the session.  (For more information on this you can look under the Therapies page, where you will find 'Emotional Awareness Therapy'). 

Psychic Inuition   COST: £40.  1 hour

Psychic Inuition COST: £40. 1 hour

Psychic is to tune into someone else, a space or situation, using intuitions and unseen senses.  People who can do this are able to gain insights into what's happening, without having any prior knowledge or personal connection to it.  But the information is coming from their own perception rather what they receive through other souls/energies. The use of Clair's is here as well as during Mediumship.  My own senses/clair's include Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudiance (hearing), Clairsentience (sensing), Clairescence (smelling)  and Claircognizance (knowing).  A Psychic reading can be conducted either with or without the use of divination. Divination is a very ancient technique of relaying what the universe has to say about you, through the use of tools and methods; such as a crystal ball, cards, psychometry etc.   These insights about you and your life may or may not make absolute sense at the time of the reading, but at some point you will register the messages from the reading, and it will all 'click' into place.  Some readers are both Medium and Psychic, so a combination of both during a reading is likely.

Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.