Sacred Geometry Introduction

This 1st level workshop is for anyone wanting to learn the basis of Sacred Geometry and how we move from intuitive perception to the basis of meaning.   We will begin to explore and understand the grid system (matrix), understand different dynamics and measurements within basic forms, and how these can be used to apply concept and meaning through creative expression.  By doing this, you will gain insight as to how Mandalas, Yantras and other forms of Sacred Geometry come into existence and learn to experiment with your own.  

This is a 1 day course and the cost is £60 pp from home, or £80 if I have to travel to another location.

Sacred Geometry 2nd Level

This 2nd level looks more in depth at how the subject of Symbolism and how it translates to Sacred Geometry.  We will begin to take a look at Bounded Harmonics and how it connects and transcends through Object, Space, Tone, Time and Sound.  We will also start to look at Cellular growth and Cellular formations, and how various biology's respond and react to sound and vocal expression.  Learning how to link and connect these different disciplines together taking into account fixed and variable matters and applying the learning to individual elements (ourselves included).  If we have time, we will also touch on the subject of universal coding, which is taught in more detail in level 3.

This course is 2 days and the cost is £120 pp from home, or £160 if I have to travel to another location.  

Sacred Geometry 3rd Level

This 3rd level builds on the various Geometric aspects already learned, and looking in more detail at individual and developmental relationships it has with energy, movement, pattern and persona.  Other aspects looked at here incorporate; language fractions, phonetics and also non verbal communication.  We will focus on the universal language of 'coding' and how we go about deciphering various coding.  This is where you begin to put the pieces together  from foundation to building blocks; consolidating the information behind the language and structure of universal 'coding'.

This course is 2 days (1 weekend) and the cost is £120 pp from home, or £160 if I have to travel to another location..  


For more information about the course including the next available dates please refer to my EVENTS PAGE, or contact me directly.  To secure a place on the course a deposit of 50% is required on booking.   

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