COST: £50.  1 hour

COST: £50. 1 hour

Sacred Geometry looks at how sacred and symbolic meanings creatively express themselves through geometric proportions (mathematics).  We can see evidence of this being used in many cultures, faiths and religions; From the use of constructed spaces such as Buddhist Temples and Egyptian Pyramids, meditative art work such as Mandala's used in Hinduism, right through to sacred scripts and symbols related to Deity's and Philosophical doctrines. Whatever and wherever it maybe, the evidence of deeper meanings having an integral part of the overall concept or visual, is clearly there for us to see.  It is about translating the creative expressions of the matter and deciphering the hidden interpretation held within the matter itself. 

Sacred Geometry is a language in its own right, probably the oldest language in human existence.  It is heavily connected to sound, numbers and energetic movements such as emotion.  The purpose and function of which are keys, keys that access Universal wisdoms.  Sacred Geometry can be interpreted on a general Universal level, but it will also have significance to you personally.  Which means that when you understand your own connection and interpretation to Sacred Geometry, you will be able to use these keys to unlock your own inner door ways to Universal wisdoms - held within you.

The purpose of these readings is to interpret what specific shapes, spaces, and energies are effecting you emotionally at various times throughout your life.  As with numbers and words, you may come across a repeated patterns of shapes, or feelings of shapes, but do not fully understand why.

Let’s take a brief look at 3 separate examples:

Shapes: If you think back to those days of boredom at school, when you doodled and produced repeated patterns on your piece of paper, you will find that there is usually a reason for the type of shape or pattern you repeatedly drew. A hidden meaning is held within the shape, including the balance of the shape too. 

Numbers: When I look at Numbers from a purely Numerological perspective, I am primarily looking at the general meanings connected to the interpretation behind the numbers.  Whereas in Sacred Geometry, I am looking at the actual shapes, lines, angles and positioning of the numbers to interpret the meanings held within the visual expressions.

Emotions:  Geometry in relation to our emotions is not terribly well understood in current times. Historically, faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Egyptian express a far deeper understanding of just how external factors disrupt the space and balance within ourselves. Geometry helps us to better understand the complexity of our emotions and how they are distributed around the body - as a visual tool.

Please note: Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours notice are subject to a charge. I may also request a 50% payment up front.